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The future starts now – with a new hotel brand on the Balearic Islands!


Dear partner travel agency, are you looking for some special advice for your clients?

A hotel which offers relaxed luxury, where children can still be children, but where you also find havens of tranquillity? A hotel that offers the freedom of choice? Then Zafiro is the right choice for your clients.



Zafiro – behind this brand name stands the owner family of a new hotel chain that was launched this very year. It is a start into the future as before we have been operating under the umbrella of the quality brand Viva for 18 years. Now we have separated as friends and conceived our own label as the family’s next generation has taken charge of operations.

Zafiro is initiating its journey with ten hotels of the four and five-star-category, located in the most beautiful natural areas of Mallorca and Menorca. Only recently another resort was added: the Zafiro Palace Hotel Palmanova, only 20 minutes by car from Palma, has opened in June.

Dear travel experts, we continue being your reliable partner. Therefore we continue betting on the proven methods and with intelligent investments and modernisation we chart the course into the future. In this magazine we want to explain our special way of doing things, our philosophy and our offers.

Contact Us: info@zafirohotels.com / +34 971 897 008



Zafiro Hotels was born after the reorganisation of Viva & Vanity Hotels as a result of the generational change of its owners. The new brand is inspired by the 5-star resort Zafiro Palace Alcudia, which opened in 2015.

Identity counts. Preserving what is good. Charting the course for the future.

We regroup:
Under the name Zafiro Hotels the company acquires a new structure. Our innovation-oriented concept is based on the sustainable investments of the past five years and careful attention to detail as we live it day by day.

We rename:
Of eighteen hotels, which until 2017 were run under the common brand “Hotels Viva”, eleven receive new names: Two five-star hotels of the Zafiro Palace brand and nine four-star holiday hotels of the Zafiro Hotels brand. The brands “Hotels Viva” and “Vanity” continue existing in a separate company.

We stay the same:
Our well-known quality will be guaranteed by the same persons who up to now have been attending you and your customers.


All hotel name changes at a glance

Zafiro Brand Structure

Zafiro Hotels Map




1.The quality of the stay:

Each single element influences the holiday experience of our customer. This is why we take care of the details. The ambiance is elegant, but with a casual touch. Not oppressive, but enchanting, relaxing and soothing.Our traditionally exquisite service is reinforced with innovation.

Well-being: For each moment of the year there is a Zafiro hotel available where to disconnect. We offer individual attention and with the All-Inclusive option, we offer an additional reason to relax. Our guests can completely concentrate on charging new energy and leave everything else to us.

2. Kids may be kids

We want to offer our clients the freedom of not having to choose between recreation and their children. We offer the best formula to spend vacations together. Our hotels feature clearly defined areas, e.g. our pirate ships, where young and old can enjoy their holidays in their favourite way without disturbing or being disturbed.

3. The idea behind the brand: Freedom of Choice

Luxury means freedom

The freedom of not having to choose between recreation and family holidays.
The freedom for kids to play and live out their specific needs without the feeling of disturbing others.
The freedom to enjoy beautiful moments alone or with one’s partner.
The freedom to choose among an ample range of options regarding rooms, suites, swim-up suites as well as exquisite gastronomic offers with show cooking, themed restaurants, gourmet stations and much more.
The freedom to be oneself in the hotel’s elegant world of experiences and sensations.

We shape the future of holidays.


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