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The latest measures taken by European States and major European airlines

Location: Europe

With this summary, EUROCONTROL keeps you updated on the latest measures taken by European States and major European airlines, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data is collected from airlines, official NOTAMs, as well as national and Europe-wide news organisations.



Lockdown (10/3). Gradual lifting from 26/4. Closed borders. Tirana closed to international pax flights with exceptions -30/5.



Lockdown (24/3). Gradual lifting from 4/5. State of emergency (16/3-22/5). No foreign pax flights with exceptions (quarantine applies) (-13/6) [18/5]. Scheduled int’l flights prohibited -15/6 [26/5].



Lockdown (15/3). Gradual lifting from 14/4. No pax flights from BY, CN, IR, IT, FR, ES, UK, NL, RU, UA (23/5-15/6). Coronavirus testing carried out at Vienna airport (4/5). Quarantine on arrival -31/5. Borders with neighbouring countries under discussion.


Lockdown (31/3-31/5). Gradual lifting from 4/5. Int’l regular pax flights prohibited at 6 ap (9/4-31/5). All int’l pax flights restricted (with except.) -15/6 [26/5].



Lockdown (18/3). Gradual lifting from 4/5. Borders closed to non-essential travel (14/3-7/6). Quarantine all arriving pax. Charleroi airport closed (25/3–15/6), face masks compulsory). Brussels airport operates cargo and essential flights only. Liege apt is the European hub for medical cargo [14/4].



State of Emergency (17/3). Self-isolation for all arrivals. Foreign nationals banned. All airports closed for passenger traffic to 31/5 with exemptions.



Lockdown (13/3). Gradual lifting, ie travel restrictions eased from 6/5. State of emergency (13/3-13/5). Travel allowed for transit pax and foreign workers (14/5-23/6) [25/5]. No foreign pax flights with exceptions -22/6 [25/5]. Quarantine on arrival (14/5-22/6) [25/5].



Lockdown (19/3-4/5). Gradual lifting from 27/4. Self-isolation for new arrivals. Restoring domestic flights from 11/5. Border fully re-opened without restrictions with SI, AT, HU, CH, CZ and SK from29/5, DE and PL from 15/6 [26/5]. Otherwise borders closed to 15/6 [17/5].



Lockdown (23/3-21/5). Gradual lifting from 4/5. Borders closed. Quarantine for new arrivals. No flights from/to EU, CH, IS, LI, NO to 8/6 [26/5]. Pax from GR, MT, BG, NO, AT, FI, SI, HU, IL, DK, DE, SK, LI allowed entry without test certificate (20/6-) [22/5]


Czech Republic

State of emergency (16/3–17/5). Lockdown (16/3). Gradual lifting from 9/4. Travel restrictions lifted for business from 14/4. Entry allowed EU from 24/4 and for non-EU citizens from 11/5. Schengen pax flights (+ GA) to/from CZ only via Prague and 4 more apts until 13/6 (with exemptions) [27/5].



Lockdown (16/3). Gradual lifting from 15/4. Borders closed exc. DK citizens (with exc.) and connecting pax to 31/5. Open to some from DE, NO, SE [25/5]



State of emergency (12/3–18/5). Gradual lifting from 22/4. Self-isolation for many arrivals except LV, LT and FI citizens from 19/5. No foreign pax to 31/5 with exemptions, transit allowed provided no symptoms [18/5]. No flights to UK, SE, BE, DK, TR, BY, RU (18/5-7/6). No restrictions to DE, PL, NO, AT, LV, LT [18/5].



External borders of EU and Schengen area closed (17/3-15/6), not for pax from GB, CH, NO, LI and IS. Applies below unless specified.



State of emergency (16/3–13/5). Lockdown (27/3). Borders closed (with exemptions) to 14/6. Limited int’l pax flights to or from the EU at Helsinki, Turku and Mariehamn airports for repatriation (11/5-10/6)



Lockdown (17/3). Gradual lifting (11/5). State of emergency (22/3-24/7). Borders closed (with exceptions). No foreign pax to 15/6 [26/5]. From 11/5 limited pax from EU27 + (AD, MC, VA, SM, IS, LI, NO, CH, GB). Orly closed for commercial traffic on 31/3, re-opening from 26/6? Load factor limited (possibly just to Air France) [11/5]. Quarantine EU/EEA arrivals (voluntary exc. ES UK) (25/5-) [23/5]. Certificate mandatory to enter and travel within territory (11/5-15/6).



State of emergency (21/3-22/5). Borders closed (18/3-22/5). All international scheduled flights to/from GE prohibited with some exceptions to 30/6 [18/5]. Quarantine on arrivals to 30/6 [18/5]. Plans to open for foreign tourism by 1/7 [11/5].



Lockdown (12/3). Gradual lifting from 20/4. Physical distancing (23/3–3/5). Entry restrictions for non-EU pax flights (16/5-15/6). Air carriers to keep contact details for 30 days of all pax (10/4-7/7). Flights from IR prohibited to 28/6. Quarantine on arrivals from ex-Schengen (except.see EU27) at EDDT (5/6) & EDDB (15/6). To extend worldwide travel warning to 14/6. Mandatory mask at German airports from 29/4. Temporary closure of Tegel possible from 15/6.



Lockdown (23/3). Gradual lifting from 4/5. No flights from ES, IT, GB, NL and non EU states with exceptions to 31/5. No flights from AL, MK and TR to 14/06. Quarantine on arrivals to 31/5. Keen to restart tourism [17/4]. International flights to Athens only (14/5 – 30/6) [26/5]. Regional airports to open 1/7 [25/5]



State of emergency (11/3). Lockdown (13/3). Gradual lifting from 1/5. Social distancing (11/4). Borders closed except for HU citizens and EEA residents (12/3-30/5). Arrivals allowed for residents from CZ, PL, KR, DE, AT, SK and JP for business purposes to 30/5.



Lockdown (24/3). Gradual lifting (18/5-10/8). Quarantine on arrivals with exceptions (16/3). Service restrictions at some airports.



State of emergency (18/3). Lockdown (25/3). Gradual lifting from 19/4. Borders closed. International flights to IL allowed at Ben Gurion airport only (12/4-15/6). Foreign pax denied entry (20/5-15-6) [21/5].



State of emergency (30/1-3/5). Lockdown (25/3). Gradual lifting from 14/4. ~70 airports closed with exemptions (15/4-2/6). Re-opening of ~20 airports, including Rome Ciampino and Florence airports from 4/5. Domestic pax traffic resumes with restrictions [3/5]. Borders to re-open with EU on 3/6, quarantine of IT pax arriving Sardinia [16/5]. No extra-Schengen pax, self-isolation for arrivals (18/5-2/6) [19/5].



State of emergency (12/3-12/5). Closed borders (17/3) lifted for EE and LT from 15/5, pax flights to Tallin (EE) and Vilnius (LT) to resume from 18/5 [14/5], otherwise quarantine on arrival (12/5-9/6). No international pax flights to/from Riga (11/5-9/6) and LV (16/3-9/6) other than pax from LT and EE.



Lockdown (16/3-31/5). Gradual lifting from 15/4. Borders closed (14/3) exc. for EE LV from 15/5. LT citizens allowed travelling abroad from 4/5. No foreign pax (with exc.) -31/5. Quarantine on arrivals with exceptions (24/3-31/5). Allowed pax must arrive via Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga or Siauliai. Registration of contact details mandatory on arrival (7/05)



State of emergency (22/3-21/6). Lockdown (15/3). Gradual lifting from 20/4. No arr. pax (exc. EU/Schengen, see EU27) to 15/6. No leisure & training flights (25/3). Mandatory masks and gloves at (20/4). Scheduled pax resumes 29/5 [22/5]



Lockdown (18/3). Gradual lifting from 4/5. All pax arriving prohibited to/from MT (with exceptions) -15/6 [26/5]. Mandatory quarantine of 14 days for pax from FR, ES, CH, DE, IT, CN, SG, JP, IR and KR -30/6.



State of emergency (17/3-15/5). Partial lockdown (24/3). Borders closed (17/3). No regular scheduled/charter pax flights (25/3-30/6). No foreign pax (with exceptions) -30/6. Self-isolation for all travellers who stayed in high-risk areas.



Closed borders (18/3-). Lockdown (18/3-1/6). Gradual lifting from 4/5. No arriving pax (with exc.) -1/6. 14-day quarantine on arrivals (30/4-1/6). Tivat airport closed (19/3-14/5). Re-opening of borders to AL, AT, CZ, DE, GR, HR, HU, PL & SI from 1/6 but remains closed for RS [27/5]



State of medical emergency (20/3-20/5). Lockdown (16/3). Suspended International flights (with exemptions) (15/3-15/6) [26/5]. Private flights to/from MA prohibited -15/6 [26/5]. Airlines to communicate pax info list to authorities (19/5-15/6) [21/5].



“Intelligent” lockdown (10/3). Gradual lifting from 11/5. Physical distancing -1/6. All non-Schengen prohibited to enter NL (with exemptions) (16/4-15/6). Quarantine for all travellers who stayed in high risk areas (17/4-1/6). Some restrictions at small airports. Health screenings on arrivals at Dutch airports.


North Macedonia

Limited lockdown. State of emergency (18/3-31/5). Borders closed (16/3-30/5). Skopje airport closed with exceptions (18/3-). No foreign pax (with exceptions) -30/5. Physical distancing.



Limited lockdown (12/3). Gradual lifting from 27/4. Borders closed (16/3) -20/8. No foreign pax -15/6. 10-day quarantine on arrival -15/6.



Lockdown (24/3). Borders closed -12/6. No int’l and commercial national flights (with exceptions) -6/6 [26/5]. Quarantine on arrival (with exceptions).



Lockdown (19/3). Gradual lifting from 4/5. Borders closed (16/3). Most non-EU flights prohibited (19/3-14/6) also ban on ES flights (23/3-14/6). No flights from Italy (6/5-14/6). Quarantine for all passengers landing at Madeira -1/6 or at Lajes airport (Azores) -30/5 [26/5]



State of emergency (16/3–14/5). State of Alert (15/5). Lockdown (25/3). Gradual lifting from 15/5. Flights btw RO and IT, ES, FR, DE, AT, BE, IR, NL, CH, TR, GB and US banned until 16/6. Some charter flights from RO allowed (seasonal workers/repatriation). Quarantine on arrival.



Lockdown -31/5 [8/5]. Borders indefinitely closed (18/3). International flights stopped (27/3). Travel abroad discouraged during the summer [26/5]



Lockdown (15/3). Gradual lifting from 21/4. State of emergency (15/3-6/5). Borders closed (16/3-1/6)-re opening of the borders with neighbouring States [26/5]. Flights resuming 18/5-. Quarantine lifted from 22/5 for all visitors



State of emergency (15/3-6/5). Lockdown (16/3). Gradual lifting from 22/4. Borders closed. International flights prohibited (with exceptions) to28/5 [14/5]. Quarantine on arrival starting in state quarantine centres with registration required >72h before arrival (21/5-).



Lockdown (30/3). Gradual lifting from 20/4. Flights into LJLJ restart (12/5), smaller airports to follow. Borders re-opened for EU citizens (15/5). No quarantine for SI citizens & EU/Schengen states (with restrictions). Quarantine on arrival pax from 3rd countries -1/6. COVID-19 positive pax denied entry (20/5-12/6).



Lockdown (30/3-9/5). Gradual lifting 11/5-. State of emergency -24/5. Borders closed, 14-day quarantine arriving pax (15-6/6) [26/5]. No flights btw Spain cont. and Balearics/Canaries (with exc.) (19/3-6/6), inter-island flights possible (25/5). No 3rd country nationals pax allowed (except if EU residents) to 15/6. Pax flight occupancy reduced by 70% (-6/6). Mandatory face masks for all pax & staff in contact with them (4/5). Foreign tourists can visit from 1/7 [24/5].



Limited closures (16/3). Borders closed with limited pax circulation according to EU policy -15/6.



Lockdown (16/3). Gradual lifting from 27/4. Borders closed except for LI residents (25/3). Limited re-opening of borders with DE and AT from 16/5, full re-opening extended to FR expected by mid June [15/5]. Commercial traffic terminated at Lugano airport [23/4].



Lockdown. Gradual lifting from 11/5. Closed borders (28/3). No international flights to 31/5. Permit required for domestic flights. Sabiha Gokcen airport closed (28/3). International flights likely -be allowed from June [10/5] Ambassador in Berlin says ready for tourists from mid June [24/5].



Lockdown (11/3-11/5). Gradual lifting (11/5-22/6). Borders closed. No int’l flights (17/3-14/6). Quarantine on arrival.


United Kingdom

Lockdown (23/3) -1/6. Gradual lifting from 11/5. Airport closures including at London City and ops restrictions at many airports. Mandatory masks and gloves at UK airports [3/5]. Quarantine on arrival (8-29/6)[23/5]


For brevity EUROCONTROL use the two-letter ISO country codes – learn more here. They also use the following terms:
Lockdown – Closure of schools, shops, restaurants, cinemas. Typically food shops, pharmacies remain open. Outdoor exercising and gatherings of people can be banned (varies from one State to another). Some States put restrictions on leaving home. Sometimes going to work is OK, in other countries not allowed.
Borders closed – Except to nationals of the State, or those with a residence permit



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