/ New York in just two hours!

Jet aiming to fly three times faster than Concorde is unveiled... which could bring back the era of superfast travel.

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It travels at almost three times the speed of Concorde and could slash the flight time of a trip to New York to just two hours.

Boeing is developing an aircraft capable of travelling at almost 4,000mph – up to five times the speed of sound. The jet – which has not yet been named – may reach the incredible speed, in part, by cruising at 95,000 feet where the air is much thinner than at the usual jetliner cruising height of 30,000 feet. But those hoping for a quick dash across the Atlantic for a weekend of shopping on 5th Avenue will have to wait a few years yet. The aircraft won’t be ready for service for at least 20 years.

Boeing's new proposed jet will travel at around 3,900mph at an altitude of 95,000 feet

Concorde, pictured, was able to fly from London to New York in around three hours 

Concorde, pictured, was able to fly from London to New York in around three hours

The concept jet was unveiled at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aviation 2018 conference in Atlanta – and will also be shown off at the Farnborough air show next month. Capable of getting across the Pacific in just three hours, it could bring back an age of regular super-fast travel that ended when Concorde – which had a top speed of more than 1,300mph – ceased flying in 2003. The huge Airbus A380, which takes just under eight hours to fly from London to New York, hits a top speed of just over 630mph while most fighter jets can reach speed of more than 2,500mph. Sound travels at 767mph.