/ Survey Says Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s Safest City

Puerto Vallarta is served by a city police force as well as a network of helpful tourist police who patrol the streets and neighbourhoods to provide assistance for tourists as well as ensure general public order.

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Survey Says Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s Safest City

There are always concerns when one travels, regardless of the destination. We take into consideration many factors about where we want to live, vacation and travel. Safety is the most glaring issue with tourists and homebodies alike.

Puerto Vallarta has felt safe to us since we first began to come here over three decades ago. As the city has grown, we’ve watched many changes but some things have remained the same such as our ability to move around without fear; feel safe walking the streets of Puerto Vallarta after sunset; sleeping well at night, knowing we are secure in our home.

Recently in the annual report published by the National Public Urban Security survey, Puerto Vallarta was named the safest city in Mexico. As recently as January Merida in the Yucatan was considered the safest place in all of Mexico but Puerto Vallarta has nudged her eastern sister out of first place.