/ Travel and Style millennial trend alert: New ‘Poshtels’

Regular hostels aren't cutting it for millennials.

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Travel and Style millennial trend alert: New ‘Poshtels’

Ever thought about staying at hostel? No? Well, this millennial travel trend might just change your mind of what a hostel stay is actually like… because now there are ‘poshtels’.

What’s a ‘poshtel’?

Hostels have been traditionally used as a way to save on funds while travelling, and a chance for solo travellers to meet new people. For millennial travellers, a regular hostel isn’t meeting their need to be connected (not just to people).  Welcome to the world of ‘poshtels’. An upgraded version of a hotel, outfitted with the basic needs of a millennial traveller .

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Key aspects of ‘poshtels’: 

• They occupy intriguing buildings and places with an emphasis on cool, funky and laid-back designs that attract younger clientele
• Social spaces are offered: game rooms, bars, restaurants, clubs, and rooftop bars
• A hot spot to hang out, drink, chill, eat, and network with other young travellers rather than just sleep
• Plush sofas, a screen that’s just perfect for Netflix binges and quiet corners for Monopoly playing and card games
• Ample storage space for suitcases and sporting gear
• USB PowerPoints throughout the building
• Personality, design that makes a statement, social spaces and above all, good and strong Wifi

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