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Welcome to PortAventura World!
Host: PortAventura World Park & Resorts

Date: Sep. 20, 2018

Welcome to PortAventura World!

PortAventura World is a unique holiday destination, with 3 theme parks for the whole family: PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land: a theme park unique in Europe. We offer a complete experience with 5-themed onsite hotels, including unlimited access to PortAventura Park during throughout the stay. In the last years, PortAventura World has grown from one park to three parks and 5 hotels. A theme park, an aquatic park and Ferrari Land, unique in Europe

Attendees will enter a PRIZE DRAW of  a 2 nights stay in one of PortAventura World 4-star hotels in B&B, with unlimited access to PortAventura Park and one access to Ferrari Land.

Webinar will be held on 20 September at 2:00pm (London Time).

see webinnar in the "Learning Centre"