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Agents-Connect.com is part of parent company GlobalAgents.net. We are a digital communication platforms for travel agents that provides effective and powerful marketing, branding and information to travel agents in five core source markets. With a global reach of 129,000 agents and over 500,000 page views per year from professional travel agents. GlobalAgents.net sources information, deals, news, events, e-learning incentives and webinars from our industry suppliers to our travel agent database.


GlobalAgents.net is the tool for the travel sector to reach out and engage digitally with travel agents.


GlobalAgents.net is comprised of: SoloParaAgentes.mx in Mexico, Agents-Connect.com in UK, SoloParaAgentes.com in Spain, WheelsUpNetwork.com in USA and WheelsUpNetwork.com in Canada. Our platforms provide:

  • Marketing content
  • Partner details and sales tools
  • Brochures and videos
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Travel Deals for consumers
  • Promotions, incentives and commissions
  • Travel Agent Rates
  • Fam Trips
  • Events
  • Contests and prizes
  • Booking Widgets
  • News and travel tips
  • Jobs
  • And much more…

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